music-inspired movie magic
Create a video that leaves a mark
music-inspired movie magic
Create a video that leaves a mark
I'm Nathan. It's my mission to design, shoot and edit your best video. Let's start by thinking about what you really want your video to say. Together we'll paint a better picture of your message, your audience, and the effect that your idea has on the world.

To begin, answer the questions below, and submit the form at the bottom. Then we can brainstorm together!

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What do you want to say?
Who do you want to say it to?
How do you want them to feel?
Once you've refined those three answers, we'll need to consider the venue, talent, and script. These elements are often too easily overlooked, reducing the quality of the video more than you'd think. Consider the variables below to make sure you get the best result.
Will we be able to control the sound and lighting?
Are they confident on camera and do they know their lines?
How will I structure my message so I am understood?
Music. This is my favourite part. What kind of mood and tempo would you like to generate through the music? Will it be orchestral and precise, or grungy and rough? That's why I like to custom-make the music for your video, so every moment becomes more alive. It's like magic. You'll also avoid copyright issues online.

Select a few reference songs that inspire you, or leave it to me!
you're ready to go!
Thank you! Your submission has been received. I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Oops! Make sure you've filled out every section, even if it's just the basics for now.